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    Related Areas 

    Arcadia and Physics

  • Newtonian Physics
  • "Noakes'" steam engine
  • The Second Law of Thermodynamics.
  • The Physics Revision Engine. Created by Stephen Moss, Cherwell School, Oxford.
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    Arcadia and Mathematics

  • Fractal Geometry and Iterated Algorithms
  • Chaos Theory
  • French mathematician, Poisson 
  • William Burroughs' Weather Cycles
  • Fermat's Last Theorem (and proof)
  • The Fibonacci Sequence and the Golden Ratio
  • A connection between mathematics and music 



    Arcadia and History

  • Events and personalities of 1809
  • English nobility.
  • Manners and etiquette in the 1800s
  • Botanical journies of the nineteenth century
  • Rules and traditions of dueling 
  • The Enlightenment and Romanticism periods
  • Information about the Baroque period in music and culture.
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    Arcadia and Literature

  • The famous Romantic poet, George Gordon, Lord Byron
  • Literary terms Pastoral Romance, Eclogue and Idyll
  • Glossary of terms and definitions to aid in understanding of the play.
  • Virgil, the Roman poet who helped to originate the pastoral tradition
  • Sir Phillip Sidney continued the pastoral tradition in Renaissance England
  • Explore connections between Arcadia and Dante's The Inferno.
  • Horace Walpole's, The Castle of Otranto
  • Ann Radcliffe's, The Mysteries of Udolpho
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    Arcadia and Music

  • Connections between mathematics and music
  • Social history of the waltz
  • How to waltz
  • Famous waltz composers



    Arcadia and Visual Arts

  • Capability Brown, much admired by Lady Croom, created many fine gardens for great English country houses.
  • Sir Humphry Repton is probably the model for Noakes' character.
  • Henry Fuseli, famous for his gothic landscape paintings, particularly "Et in Arcadia Ego"
  • Salvator Rosa -who painted landscapes that expressed a romantic state of mind that Noakes finds inspiring.
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    Miscellaneous Arcadia Information and Activities

  • ArcadiaQuiz, a quiz involving the different aspects and areas involved in Arcadia and ArcadiaWeb.
  • Hermits- learn about the daily life and living arrangements of your average hermit.
  • Tortoises- Plautus and Lightning
  • Self determinism vs. free will
  • Carnal Embrace  a less than reverent look at one aspect of the play
  • Monkey Bites  see above
  • Pictures and information about dahlias
  • Information about and links to Augustus' school, Eton, Windsor, U.K.
  • "You'll queer my pitch" ~ a reference made by Hannah about cricket.
  • Papyrus, the all-purpose paper that filled the ancient library at Alexandria
  • Grouse- a limited amount of information and a couple of pictures of British grouse.
  • The Arcadia Archive - A website created by physics teacher Stephen Moss of Cherwell School

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