Eton College
A common reference in Arcadia

Thomasina : Septimus, do you think God is a Newtonian?
Septimus:  An Etonian?  Almost certainly, I'm afraid . . .

   Eaton college ( established in 1440 by King Henry VI ), is currently one of the largest and most distinguished private schools in England.  It's original purpose was to provide education for 70 students, funded by the king himself.   However, Eton is currently the home to almost 1,300 pupils.  Boys who attend Eaton start around the age of 13, and stay until their graduation at the age of 18.  The admission process is rigorous, adding to the prestige of the school.

Fun Etonian facts

-The dress code is still representative of the 1850s : pin-striped trousers with a black tailcoat and waistcoat
-Famous Eton graduates have included Prince William and eighteen former Prime Ministers of Britain
-Although the curriculum is modern, students studied mostly classical subjects until the 1850s
-The school, located in Eton, Berkshire, gives frequent tours

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by Stephanie Barron

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