Manners make the man...or woman, as the case may be. During the Victorian age in England, proper etiquette was key in achieving self-worth and respect. From day to day social behavior, to personal relationships, etiquette during the time that Arcadia took place (in the early 1800's) was a dominant force effecting the actions of the people.

Socially acceptable...

* When in the company of multiple acquaintances, it is offensive for one to blatantly inquire about the time.
* The only proper gifts to be given to those people other than one's relatives include exclusively books, flowers, music, and confectionery of sorts.

* Upon one's first encounter with a new acquaintance, it is not acceptable for one address the other in a less than formal manner.
* All greetings should be carried out with the same tone of voice--no favoritism should be shown.

* Despite your interest, or lack thereof, it is only proper to show apparent sympathy with the situation at hand.
* When you are accompanied by a companion while traveling, it is customary to inquire about their preference in routes, and consequently, use that route.

Personal Relationships...

*It is proper for a man to escort his lady with his arm, keeping her on the inside of the street to protect her from being splashed by the mud of passing carriages.
*When enemies meet at a mutual aquaintance's home, they must set aside all grievances and discuss them at a later date.

*It is not acceptable to reject any apology directed your way. In turn, you must always offer an apology if you have caused ill feelings.
* Prior to matrimony, women must be properly trained in language, music, needlework, painting and other household jobs to be judged acceptable.

* If one is interested in another, their meeting must be arranged by a mutual friend.
* Flirting is acceptable when it involves the use of fans, parasols, and gloves in an enticing manner.

*If a gentleman wishes to escort a lady home, it is proper that he present her with a card expressing his intent.
* A proper date should be kept under the surveillance of a watchful eye.
*A lady need not accept the first proposal of marriage. It is proper that she be asked multiple times by the same suitor.

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Emily Power & Jessie Ostlund
March 24, 1999
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Victorian Etiquette

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