Lady Croom's Reference

..."But Sidley Park is already a picture, and a most amiable picture too. The slopes are green and gentle. The trees are companionably grouped at intervals that show them to advantage. The rill is a serpentine ribbon unwound from the lake peaceably contained by meadows on which the right amount of sheep are tastefully arranged- in short, it is nature as God intended, and I can say with the painter, 'Et en Arcadia ego!' "

This description of Sidley Park, by Lady Croom's account, is an example of how Vergil's pastoral poetry ties into Stoppard's Arcadia. The pastoral world created by Vergil in his poems is the inspiration for the setting of Arcadia. Lady Croom envisioned Sidley as a utopian splendor, something that comes right out of a poem, possibly one that Vergil would have written.

Hannah's Reference

Hannah also makes references to the great Roman poet . She believes that "English landscape was invented by gardeners imitating foreign painters who were evoking classical authors." Sidley Park was a perfect example of this theory. The landscape of Arcadia was created by Capability Brown doing Claude, who was doing Vergil. Meaning that the landscade of Arcadia is an attempt to create the world that was created in the pastoral poems by bith Claude and Vergil. In this respect, Vergil is important to Arcadia.

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