Plays by Tom Stoppard

A Walk on the Water
The Dissolution of Dominic Boot
"M" Is for Moon among Other Things
The Dog it Was That Died and Other Plays
The Gamblers
If You're Glad I'll Be Frank
A Separate Peace
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead
Albert's Bridge
Another Moon Called Earth
Neutral Ground
The Real Inspector Hound
After Magritte
Where Are they Now?
Dogg's Our Pet
Artist Descending a Staircase
The House of Bernarda Alba
Dirty Linen, and New-found-land
Albert's Bridge and Other Plays
Every Good Boy Deserves Favour: A Play for Actors and Orchestra
Professional Foul
Night and Day
Albert's Bridge Extended
Undiscovered Country
Dogg's Hamlet, Cahoot's Macbeth
On the Razzle
The Real Thing
The Love for Three Oranges
Rough Crossing
Squaring the Circle: Poland 1980-81
Four Plays for Radio
Largo Desolato
The Radio Plays 1964-1983
Indian Ink
The Invention of Love


created by: Heather Trimble and Shannon Smiley, 3/5/98

edited by: Paul Schroeckenstein, 3/30/99


Contemporary Dramatists, 5th ed., pages 636-640

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