The Game of Questions

Do you want to play Questions?

This is a clever scene from the movie Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead.

Rosencrantz: How's your game?

Guildenstern: We're spectators.

Ros: Do you want to play questions?

Guild: How do you play that?

Ros: You have to ask questions.

Guild: Statment. 1 love.

Ros: Cheating?

Guild: How?

Ros: I hadn't started yet.

Guild: Statment. 2 love.

Ros: Are you counting that?

Guild: What?

Ros: Are you counting that?

Guild: Foul, no repetitions. Three love and game.

Ros: Well I'm not going to play if your going to be like that.

(They wait for a while.)

Guild: Who's turn?

Ros: Uhhh...

Guild: Foul, no hesitation. Love one.

Ros: Who's go?

Guild: Why?

Ros: Why not?

Guild: What for?

Ros: Foul, no synonyms. 1 all.

Guild: What in god's name is going on here?

Ros: foul, no rhetoric. 2/1

Guild: What does it all add up to?

Ros: Can't you guess?

Guild: Are you addressing me?

Ros: Is there anyone else?

Guild: Who?

Ros: How would I know?

Guild: Why do you ask?

Ros: Are you serious?

Guild: Was that rhetoric?

Ros: No!

Guild: Statment. 2 all game point.

Ros: What's the matter with you today?

Guild: When?

Ros: What?

Guild: Are you deaf?

Ros: Am I dead?

Guild: Yes or no?

Ros: Is there a choice?

Guild: Is there a God?

(side comment: yes, her name is Julie.)

Ros: Foul, no nonsequitors. 3/2 1 game all.

Guild: What's your name?

Ros: What's yours?

Guild: You first!

Ros: Statement. 1 love.

Guild: What's your name when you're at home?

Ros: What's yours?

Guild: When I'm at home?

Ros: Is it different at home?

Guild: What home?

Ros: Haven't you got one?

Guild: Why do you ask?

Ros: What are you driving at?

Guild: What is your name?

Ros: Repetition. 2 love, match point.

Guild: Who do you think you are?

Ros: Rhetoric!! GAME AND MATCH!!!!!!!

Guild: Rosencrantz?

Ros: What?

Guild: Hey, how was that?

Ros: Clever..

Guild: Natural..

Ros: Instinctive! Now I try you. Guild-

Guild: Not yet. Catch me unawares.

Ros: Guild-

Guild: No. Me unawares.

Ros: (whistles) Ready?

Guild: Never mind!

Now that you have figured out the basic rules for questions, you are free to leave knowing that you are now a better person.


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