The other more well known application of the Golden Ratio was its use as a mathmatical formula to determine visually pleasing proportions in architecture and furniture construction. The ancient Greeks thought that this was the best possible ratio, and they built many buildings according to the Golden Ratio. The most famous of these is the Parthenon.

For more information about the Golden Ratio, reference its relation to the construction of the Parthenon.

The Golden Ratio and Arcadia by Tom Stoppard

When you think about plays and British literature, the last thing that may come to mind is mathematics. However, Tom Stoppard in his astonishing play, Arcadia, does this unthinkable act. With an interesting stretch of events, Stoppard weaves a mystery through two centuries, and ties it all together with the help of various different mathmatical concepts. Fermat's last thereom , the Fibonacci sequence and the ever useful Golden Ratio. It is definitely worth checking out, but be prepared for some bawdy humor.

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