Scene Seven Summary Continued... Throughout the scene characters such as Hannah, Chloe, Bernard and Valentine begin to understand the events of the nineteenth century. They begin to discover what Septimus and Thomasina had discovered long ago, along with being able to explain what happen to these characters. Along with new realizations, they also find information that disproves what seemed to be true. An example of this is when Bernard realizes that Mr. Chater had not been killed in a duel but rather by a monkey bite, and Hannah realizes that it is Septimus who was the mathematical hermit of the hermitage.  At this point their story changes and they are gradually learning more and more. This scene ends with Thomasina and Septimus engaged in a dance on the night before Thomasina's seventeenth birthday. The viewer is aware that she is to burn to death on this night as Hannah had discovered it earlier in the play. The curtain closes as both Thomasina and Septimus dance and so do Hannah and Gus, a rather unexpected scene.

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