A trip from England to Martinique

The journey across the sea from England to the Carribean Sea is a long and dangerous journey, undertaken only by the most brave and worthy men and women. As Mr. Chater learned, many beautiful and dangerous things awaited him and his wife on Martinique.

The island of Maritnique, the location where Captain Brice took Ezra Chater and his wife after their visit at Sibley Park, is the focus of this site. The location where Mr. Chater suffered that horrible Monkey Bite and died, leaving his wife in the hands of Captain Brice. Being that the only reason the Chaters were on the slow boat to the Americas was because Captain Brice could have Mrs. Chater in Carnal Embrace while Ezra Chater was off "investigating" environment and getting dahlia samples to send to Sidley Park as the botanist on board. The object of Ezra Chater's studies, the tropical flower the Dahlia, is another section of this site.

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Picture of the gardens at Stour
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