Henry Fuseli

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1707 - Johann Caspar Fussli, future well known portrait painter and father of Henry Fuseli, is born


1741 - Johann Heinrich Fussli, aka Henry Fuseli (he later changes his name on a trip to England), is born in Zurich, Switzerland


1761 - Fuseli responds to his training and takes holy orders, yet never practices

1765 - Fussli moves to England upon request of the British Ambassador in Berlin
          - He translates Winckelmann's Reflections on the Painting and Sculpture of Greeks

1770 - Fuseli moves to Italy to study the work of Michelangelo


1778 -  Leaves Italy

1779 - He settles in England

1782 - The Nightmare is shown at the Royal Academy
          - Fuseli's father dies

1784 - Fuseli paints Lady Macbeth

1790 - A second version of the Nightmare is introduced by Fuseli

1799 - Henry Fuseli opens the Milton Gallery in Pall Mall
          - He is elected to the Royal Academy


1801 - Fuseli writes Lectures on Painting

1804 - He is elected as keeper of the Royal Academy

1809 - (Arcadia connection) Fuseli paints Lord Byron and Caroline Lamb at the Royal Academy


1825 - Henry Fuseli dies


By Laura Zumbusch


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