Character Analysis Questions:

Thomasina Coverly:

1. What are the beginning tell-tale signs of her overwhelming genius?

2. In what points during the play does the audience discover her love with Septimus?

3. Do you feel that Thomasina actually understands her mathematical philosophies or is she just playing as Valentine is convinced?

4. How is Thomasina an important character to the show?

Septimus Hodge:

1. How do you think Septimus feels about his education and background?

2. Do you feel that Septimus is ashamed of his career outcomes?

3. What signs does Septimus demonstrate of his feelings for Thomasina or Lady Croom?

4. What reasons or situations do you feel played a part in Septimus becoming a hermit?


1. How does Jellaby fit into the play of Arcadia?

2. Do you feel that the play would be, in essence, the same if the character of Jellaby did not exist?

Ezra Chater:

1. What is your initial opinion of Chater?

2. What are three words you would use to describe this character?

3. Do you feel that Chater is dominated by his wife? Why?

4. Why do you feel that the events happened in the way that they did?

Richard Noakes:

1. What are the differences with Noakes' s gardening as compared to the examples in the play?

2. How does Noakes affect the play?

Lady Croom:

1. How is Lady Croom an important part of the show?

2. What feelings does she have towards the other characters? (Thomasina, Septimus, Lord Byron, etc. )

3. What is the actual occurrences between Lady Croom, Septimus, Lord Byron and Chater?

Captain Brice, RN:

1. How does Brice treat Septimus?

2. What sorts of personality traits do you notice in Brice?

3. How is Brice in relation to Thomasina?

4. What part of the plot does Bernard think Brice is responsible for ?

Hannah Jarvis:

1. What is your first impression of Hannah?

2. How does she view herself before she meets Bernard? After?

3. In what ways does she tie in her work concerning the hermitage with that of Bernard's work?

4. What is her relationship with her surrounding characters (Chloe, Valentine, Bernard, Gus ) before the final discoveries of the true plot? After?

Chloe Coverly:

1. What are three words to quickly describe Chloe after you first meet her?

2. How does she feel concerning the relationships of Hannah and Gus? Hannah and Valentine? Hannah and Bernard?

3. What is Chole's feelings towards Bernard?

Bernard Nightingale:

1. How is Bernard important to the play?

2. What are his reasons behind his immediate lies to Hannah?

3. What is the basis and bottom line of Bernard's research?

4. How does Bernard's immediate jumps to conclusions affect what happens, later in the show?

Valentine Coverly:

1. What is his relationship to the surrounding characters?

2. How is Valentine important to the research of Hannah and Bernard?

3. What kinds of mathematical theories does Valentine discuss?

4. Do you feel that Valentine honestly thought Thomasina had no idea what she was doing?

Gus Coverly:

1. How does Gus play a role in the play?

2. What do you think caused Gus to stop speaking?>

Augustus Coverly:

1. How does Augustus react about his school to Septimus?

2. What is his general attitude towards Thomasina?

For a description of these characters, click here.


About the play:

1. How do the various mathematical and physics concepts relate to the plot of the play?

2. How do the characters of the different time periods coincide with one another?

3. For what reasons do you feel that the author, Stoddard, has put so many references to other developed concepts in the play? (i.e. Fermat's theorem, thermonuclear concepts, etc. )

4. Why do you feel that the author made decisions like he did?

    For example:
  1. Why was Bernard so quick to jump to conclusions?
  2. Why did Septimus become the hermit?
  3. Why was Valentine so quick to give up on the grouse?
  4. Why did Gus never speak?
  5. Why was the relationship with the Chater's so unequal?
5. If you were to re-write the ending of the play, what changes would you have made?

6. Would you have made more or less references to other concepts if you had written the show? If you said more, what would you have included?

7. Do you feel as though there were any gaps missing in explanations or discoveries that were kept from you?

- Authors -

Allyson Kearns and Tim Meendering

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