Byron's Works
    Byron published his first book,Fugitive Pieces in 1806, because of encouragement he received from his neighbor. The name of this collection of poems was later changed to Hours of Idleness in 1807, when one poem was removed. The collection was reprinted minus the poem due to the fact that a friend claimed it was too scandalous. Byron had all original copies of Fugitive Pieces. Shortly afterwards, Byron published the very successful English Bards and Scotch Reviewers in 1809. Also in the year 1809, Byron began his Child Harold's Pilgrimage while traveling in the Middle East. He worked on it for the next eight years. However, the first two cantos were published in 1812. This literature had the largest impact on his life, making him much sought out by women. While in Italy, about 1816, Byron wrote Manfred and began Don Juan. In 1820, Byron wrote the poetic drama, Marino Faliero, and in 1821, he wroteVision of Judgement and Cain. At Byron's death in 1824, Don Juan remained unfinished and it is considered to be very special because it was the last great masterpiece that he worked on. Throughout his work, Byron met with both success and scorn. Although acclaimed, he spent so much money throughout his life that he never made his fortune by writing.

Katharine Ellingson

Source: Trueblood, Paul G. Lord Byron. New York: Twayne Publishers, 1969.

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