Costume Plot for Arcadia:


Scenes 1 and 3: Spring Muslin Dress: Knickerbockers; Brown Leather Shoes: Bust Flatteners. Scene 7: Yellow Linin Dress; Brocade Shoes; Change to Night Dress and bare feet.


Scenes 1 and 3: Cream Trousers; Red Brocade Waistcoat; Purple Velvet Coat; Black shoes and Stockings; Watch. Scene 6: Same Trousers and Shirt; Brown Moleskin Coat; Tan Waistcoat; Black Boots; Paisley Stockings. Scene 7: Same Trousers and Shirt; Purple Stockings; Brown-Sleeved Waistcoat; Velvet Slippers. Add Dressing Gown.


Black Coat and Breeches; Gold and Black Waistcoat; Black Stockings and Shoes; White Gloves.

Ezra Chater

Brown Tail Coat; Striped Waist Coat; Cream Trousers; Brown Leather Shoes; White Stockings.


Scenes 1 and 3: Dark Brown Coat; Blue and Gold Waistcoat; Leather Breeches; Shoes and Gaiters; White Stockings. Scene7: Checked Waistcoat; Hat and Gloves; Mustard Stockings. (Rest same as before.)

Lady Croom

Scene 1: Rust Print Dress; Shawl; Wig; Cream Shoes. Scene 3: Red Velevet Dress; Turban; Different Shawl; Red and Cream Boots. Scene 6: Cream Nightdress; Mustard Dressing Gown; Different Turban; Slippers. Scene7: Blue Dress Moire Shoes; Different Turban.

Capt. Brice

Blue Tail Coat; Cream Waistcoat and Breeches; Black Boots and Stockings.


Scene2: Brown Trousers; Blue Cardigan; Blue Shoes. Scene 4: Same Trousers, White Linin Shirt. Scene 5: Rust Priint Dress; Cream Cardigan. Scene7; Same Trousers; Rust Silk Shirt; Change to Green Silk Empire Dress; Green Shoes.


Scene 2: Floral Dress with T-Shirt; Plimsoles; Puts on Wellingtons. Scene 5: White Crop Top; Lilac Palazzo Pants. Scene7: Green Velevet Dress; Green Satin Shoes.


Scene 2: Chinos; White Collarless Shirt; Maroon Shaggy Sweater; Timberland Shoes. Scene 4: Jeans; Green Sweater; Tattershall Shirt. Scene 5: Stripped Collarless Shirt. Scene 7: Cricket Flannels; Dress Shirt; Brocade Waistcoat, Cream Socks; Patent Pumps; Tie tied as Bow; Adds Dressing Gown and Hat.

Gus/ Augustus

Scene 2: Jeans; Striped Shirt. Scene 7: (Gus): Cricket Flannels; Dress Shirt and Cummerbund; Trainers; Adds Lord Augustus' Old Coat and Pumps. Scene 7: (Augustus): Purple Coat.

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