Computer Science: Java I

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Please bring your student ID the first week of class!! You need your ID to receive a textbook.


Programs / Labs




Grading is done on an absolute, but adjustable scale. This means that there is no curve. Anyone earning 90% or more of the total number of points available will receive a grade in the A range; 80% = B, 70% = C, 60% = D.
To receive a grade in the A range on programs you must exceed expectations. This means you must do everything required extraordinarily well or you must do more than is required and do this well. In other words, to earn an A you must do more than merely meet the requirements, you must go beyond them.


You may consult with me, AP Java students, and other students on the online programming assignments/labs, but should limit collaboration otherwise. Consult means you can discuss the programs before writing code, and get help with debugging your program, but you should write your own code. Writing one program and making multiple copies of it is NOT acceptable! For each assignment/lab you are expected to include a list of the people with whom you have consulted (including students, tutors, teachers). Several programs and labs will be graded. On average, a program or lab will be worth approximately 10 pts.

Tests and Final Exam:

You are expected to read Chapter 1 on your own. The Chapter 1 test will be given at the end of the first week of class. We will cover the content in Chapters 2,3,4, and part of 5 as a class. There will be no re-takes on tests. Each test will be worth approximately 100 pts A final on all chapters covered will be given at the end of the term. The tests are written in the language of the textbook, not in layman's terms. It is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that you study for these tests by re-reading the text and by reviewing the yellow review pages at the end of each chapter.


Book assignments are optional. If you complete all the book assignment questions (usually found in the yellow pages at the end of a specifice each chapter) for a particular chapter, and turn them in before the respective chapter test, you may negotiate for double the extra credit points on the test. Each extra credit point received will be worth 2 extra credit points. Again, to capitalize on this opportunity, you must complete all the book assignment questions and turn them in before each chapter test.