Java1: Section 2.5, The String Class

The methods of the String class can be found on pg 81.

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// This example gives practice on using the methods of the String class (p 82)
// Complete the code as prompted by the comments.

public class
public (String [] args)
//Instantiates and prints a string variable
String word = new String ("abcdefg");
System.out.println("Given this String: " + word + ".");

//Prints the length of the string using the length() method.
System.out.println("The length is " + + ".");

//Prints the chararacter 'c' and names its index location.
System.out.println("The character " + word.charAt() + " is at index " + word.indexOf("c") );

//Prints the substring "cde"
System.out.println("A substring of the middle 3 characters is " + word.substring(,)+");

//Prints the concatenation of the uppercase version and the lower case version of the string.
System.out.println( word..concat();