Java Home Assignment
Working with Java and Eclipse at Home


Show that you have successfully been able to download and get Eclipse running at home. Remember, you will have to winSCP the files to your home computer's C: drive somewhere. When you open Eclipse, be sure to use "C:/ ... (whichever folder you winSCP'ed the files into) ... /java08" as the workspace. You may have to recreate your own "java08" directory on your home computer, recreate chapter folders from within eclipse, then WinSCP only the individual files themselves so the paths in the metadata file match the paths on your home computer versus the school computer. Try tinkering with it to see what works --downloading the entire java08 directory versus downloading the individual files.

Send me a screen shot of your computer showing one of the lab assignments open in the Eclipse window. Have the Eclipse console window open, displaying a successfully completed run sequence. You may use another editor other than Eclipse. Screen shots of Jedit, Crimson Editor, NetBeans, Notepad (along with either the DOS prompt with the run command listed or a batch file), or JBuilder are a few of a myriad of acceptable editors. Please let me know ahead of time if you plan on using an alternative editor other than Eclipse.

To make a screenshot in Windows on a PC, press the "Print Screen" button when your desktop has all the applications open that you want to appear in the screenshot. Nothing will happen (or so it seems); the image of your desktop has been put on the "clipboard". Open a word document or photo editor and click "paste" (ctrl+c). The screen shot will now appear. Bring a hard copy of the screenshot to class or upload it to moodle. I will accept files with the following extensions: .doc, .jpg, or .gif. Do not sent .bmp's, as they are too big. Instead, convert .bmp's to .jpg's or .gif's before sending them.