Steps for downloading Eclipse at home  (2009-10)


1.   Download Java from


·        Select the platform you will be using and click continue.  Most of you will have a Windows Platform

·        You will get a pop that asks for free tutorials.  If you would like to this go ahead and sign up, otherwise at the bottom of the pop up you can hit skip this step.  I believe you can also just click the x and it will exit out and continue on. 


·        You will get another pop up that looks like this: 


·        You may have to click on the box in order for it allow you to save file, but then make sure to click save file.


·        The following icon should appear on your desk top or wherever you have saved the file:





·        When the following pop-up opens, click run.




·        Click “accept” or “next” or “okay” through all the installation screens until the download finishes.

You have successfully downloaded Java!!



2.   Next, Download Eclipse from


·        Scroll all the way down and Choose Eclipse Classic 3.5.1 (162 MB) 

·        Choose any mirror for the download.  (I chose the first one).  At the download prompt, choose “save”.  Be sure to remember the directory you chose in which to save the download.  After the download is done, look at the size of the file to make sure it matches the size of the original download.


·        Extract the downloaded .zip file (eclipse-  Once unzipped, open the folder and subsequent folders until you can see eclipse.exe.


You are now ready to use eclipse!





3.   Remember, you will need to download the files you worked on at school from Athena and save them somewhere on your computer at home.  Use WinSCP (from Intro2CS) to do this.  Be sure to copy the entire “java09” directory (with it’s underlying file structure) so your Eclipse at home will be able to read the metadata file associated with the project.  When opening Eclipse, use the “java09” directory as the workspace.  Once you are finished working on your files at home, you will need to upload them back to Athena so they will be ready for you at school.