AP FINAL CC (20 journal points)  rev. term 4 2007                 


DUE DATE: _______________________

The purpose of the final CC is for you to reflect back on what you have experienced in this AP course as well as giving you the opportunity to give us feedback to make this course even better.  What better experts than you? Please be honest, specific, and share whatever you think is valuable.


PART 1:  MISCELLANEOUS REFLECTIONS (two typed pages minimum—10 pts.)

Before you begin, look at and consider the following:

1.             Reread your AP APPLICATION you filled out a year ago to be accepted into this course.  How have you changed?  Have you met your own expectations?  Has the class met your expectations?  How would you complete it differently now?

2.             Reread our WELCOME LETTER & SYLLABUS. You can find it on the AP English homepage if you cannot find your original copy.  What comes to mind?  Any revision suggestions?

3.             Next, read the ADVICE LETTER(S) from previous AP student(s).  What comes to mind?

4.             If you have access to it, look at the 5 GOALS written on your folder (or on an early journal).  These were goals you set the first week of the class.  How did you do?

5.             If you have access to it, study your WRITING FOLDER (the pink boxes and yellow columns) carefully.  Look for patterns, revelations, etc.  What have you discovered?

6.             Next, think QUICKLY about what you have actually experienced/done here in AP Comp. and Lit.  What have you learned or gained?  How have you been challenged/stretched? 


•Now that you are ready to write, write something about EACH of the three areas listed below.




A. PERSONAL PERFORMANCE Evaluation/critique of your own effort and performance in the class as well as the value of this class to you personally.

B. THE LITERATURE What connected with you?  What works were most influential, enjoyable, worthwhile, etc.?  What would you recommend cutting if we ran out of time?  What would you never eliminate?  Do you have any suggestions for new additions?  What about summer reading?

C. COURSE COMPONENTS/EVALUATION:  Choose approx. 3-5 of the suggested areas below to give us some feedback.  LABEL THEM CLEARLY IN THE JOURNAL.

  1.       Course set-up:  having two teachers; being Oles

               & Wallies, meeting as a large group for some 

               units, splitting for others

  2.       Study partners

  3.       OUR AP WEBSITE

  4.       Homework and/or Extra Credit (coupons, R&G, 

                 Grendel, etc.)

  5.       Small group emphasis within classroom (color

               groups, eclectic groups, novel groups, etc.)

  6.       Large group discussions

  7.       Group presentations/projects

  8.       Actual papers + grading of them (rubrics, etc.)

  9.      Partner papers

10.    “Buyback” system

11.       Grading scale (% for an A, B, C. etc.) or % weighting breakdown (papers 60%, homework 10%, journals 20%, Comp. exams 10%).

12.       Word of the day

13.        the white board

14.       The big HW assignment packet/calendar

15.       Three-ring notebook system of organization

16.       Handouts, handouts, handouts! (supplementary articles to bring in modern connections)

17.       Grammar study/review

18.       Journals (WA’s and OJ’s) What did you think of the way we did them?  What was their value?  What did you learn from doing them?  How might they be utilized more effectively?   How should they be collected? etc.

19.       Peer response journals (PR’s)

20.       Class-connected journals (CC’s)

21.       Hamlet take-home quizzes

22.       Arcadia web work  (if we did that)

23.      AP Exam practice & taking the actual AP Exam

24.      Meeting of the Minds

25.       Field trips and special class experiences

26.       Anything else?                                                        



(one typed page minimum)

NOTE:  You must turn in two copies of this letter to get full credit!)

Share some advice, realities, suggestions of what you think he/she can do to make the most of the class (and senior  year). 

Be honest!  Sign your name if you want to or you may even use the code name you used for PR’s.  


PART 3:  LETTER TO A NEXT YEAR’S FRESHMAN (5 PTS.)  (one typed page minimum)

NOTE:  You must turn in two copies of this letter to get full credit!)

Type an advice letter to be given to an incoming ninth grader next fall.  Share realities, suggestions, etc. of what you think he/she can

do to make the most of high school.  You may sign your name if you like.