Lit Theory paper due!



1.  The paper must be turned in by 3:00 or it's late!

2.  Stories in anthologies are in quotation marks.  Stories that are published as books are underlined.

3.  Mary Shelley's name, if included on your works cited page (BUT NEVER AS A PRIMARY AUTHOR, since she never knew a thing about lit. theory), is spelled SHELLEY.

4.  If you do the paper with a partner, turn in one copy of the paper, with both names listed in the heading.  For the pagination, type both last names with an "and" in between them.  Turn in one grading sheet, but make sure both of you have put your comments in the comment box.  The paper should be slipped into both folders.

5.  Here's how you write the following:  PhD (doctorate)   or MA (master's degree)

6.  Be consistent with capitalization.  Either use "Reader Response" or "reader response."

7.  Do not highlight anything in the actual paper.  Do NOT mark anything on the sources you borrow for us.  Only  highlight what you used in those sources YOU have located on your own,  so that we may easily locate the place on the source for the doc. check.  That would very VERY helpful  when I do doc. checks. 

8.  Make sure you punctuate dialogue and any stage directions correctly.  Make sure you use this hand-out to help you with dialogue.  Click HERE.

9.  Be sure you document the storyline frequently in the section where you are retelling the story.  Unless you have a direct quote, it is best to do it episodically

10.  Read the GRADING SHEET carefully,  so you don't miss anything required.  Be sure to establish credibility--both for your narrator as well as the REAL sources you use.

11.  E-mail or voice mail Wally (952 975-4303) if you have any questions tonight.

12.  Finally, pay special attention to stories that are "compiled by" or "retold by" or "adapted by."  They require special treatment for works cited and parenthetical documentation.  Check pp. 3, 7, 8, 9 in the Works Cited packet.  Click HERE to see the packet.  Also, check out section E.     WITH EDITOR or TRANSLATOR or COMPILER in the new green parenthetical documentation packet.  See below for access to this since it isn't available in hard copy yet.  To see this packet, click HERE.