Nome School

Kuspuk (atituk) -- Joy, the librarian and Nome Elementary, explains the history behind the Kuspuk, an article of traditional clothing of alaska (wmv file).

Kayak -- Joy talks about a traditional kayak made by an elder from King Island (wmv file).

Battle of the Book Champions.

Francis Alvanna: King Island elder, teacher, carver, storyteller and drummer (as in Eskimo Dance drummer).

Musk Oxen


2nd grade class in the library.

2nd grade class in the library.

Musk Ox

Nome is the finish of the Iditarod (Lance Mackey, 2007 race winner).

Unalakleet technology department, the live broadcast team on mainstreet Nome.

Nome librarian, Joy, and Mrs. Cater.

Kuspuks are traditional garment worn by the women.

Joy show us a kuspuk.

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