McGrath kids sure are curious! Here are the questions they have for us!

  1. Are there gold mines in your town?
  2. In what part of Minnesota is your town?
  3. How many lakes are there in your town?
  4. Does your town have a museum?
  5. Does your town have libraries?
  6. Are there hotels or motels in your town?
  7. How many grocery stores are in your town?
  8. What do people drive in your town?
  9. Does your town have a shopper's fair or carnivals?
  10. How many restaurants are there in your town?
  11. How many people live in your town?
  12. How big are the buildings in your town?
  13. Is your town a city, town or village?
  14. Does your town have an ice rink?
  15. Are there bears in your town?
  16. How many buses are there in your town?
  17. Where do people like to go sledding in your town?
  18. Do people in your town like to go hunting or fishing?
  19. Is it beautiful in your town in the winter?
  20. Do you have an amusement park?
  21. Does your town have any water parks?
  22. Do you have many water parks?
  23. Are there any live concerts in your town?
  24. Do you celebrate the 4th of July with fireworks?
  25. Is there an aquarium?
  26. Is there a mall?
  27. Are there any sports arenas?

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